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Guyssss, let me say smt. =))

He tweeted that tonight and TS it. :)

You think it’s nothing, right? Wait, see, it’s a song. A beautiful song. :) And here is the lyrics!! 

So don’t let me wait.
Come to me tenderly in the June night


I stand and I wait

For the touch of your hand in the June night.

 The June!!!!!! “I stand and wait”!! (OMG!!)

So now you understand what I want to say. right??? =)) 


Khun retweeted TigerJK (Jordan’s father ^^) as above. 

And JK tweeted for Khun: “was it good for you as it was for me? The song is for TigerJK, but the Song is for Khun." =)

However, JK deleted that tweet and replace with another tweet: “was it as good”. Haha, is it too obvious?? The "Song" for Khun is Song Qian!! 

JK met Khuntoria in WGM and he still talks about her with Khun at the moment. It shows that, at least, he supports Khuntoria, and Khun retweeted JK, he knows well, right?? LOL

Khuntoria is real. :)

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